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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Mechanical-digital clock

I like mechanical digital displays. I had a clock radio with such a display but the existing case was a hideous 50s-style plastic effort, so for a while I've planned on making a new case for it.

While in the pub a few weeks ago, a friend came up with the idea of using copper pipe and plumbing fittings as a structural system. I've started making a frame and it's working out well so far. It'd be nice if they made three way corner plumbing connectors, but I suppose you don't have much call for those when you're connecting up taps.

The biggest challenge in making this is going to be making the mains components safe. There's a transformer for most of the radio, but the clock itself runs off a 250V AC motor. The case will have to be finger-proof and carefully earthed.

Look at the twisted-together connections in the photos of the original radio - they didn't always make things better in the old days.