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Sunday, 27 July 2008

The by-products of potato juice

Today I have mostly been performing silly experiments in the kitchen. I like potato pancakes, but they are problematic to make because the moisture has to be removed from the potatoes before frying them. This usually involves dirtying a clean cloth, or trying to squeeze the moisture out by hand which doesn't work well. I've also tried using a ricer on raw grated potato which is quite effective.

I had a brainwave today - realising that I already had a device which does this job, namely a juicer. I pushed three potatoes through the juicer, and kept the pulp that normally gets discarded. Mixed with some chopped onion and seasoning, this makes really good, fine potato pancakes. I wasn't brave enough to try drinking the potato juice.

An earlier experiment to try separating freshly brewed coffee from its grounds using the juicer didn't work so well. It just tastes like soil.